Missioner EP

by Missioner

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louisxaubin Ottawa emo-rock at his best Favorite track: Running in Circles.
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released July 29, 2016

Album recorded at Shoebox Studios by Bryan Ruckstuhl and Jonathan Chandler
Album art by Monica Berger

All songs written by Missioner

Missioner is:
Ian Hobson
Will Lepine
Matt Box
Manny Nowlan



all rights reserved


Missioner Ottawa, Ontario

Rock group from Ottawa, ON.

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Track Name: Fingernails
Maybe I’m just making all the sounds I wanna hear
Maybe I’m just waiting for the words to come out clear
Swallow my tongue and spit it out
You’re choking up now just settle down
Try to get the taste out

All your teeth are wearing down
Take a seat right out of town
Clear your mouth of your fingernails
Watch your step
Get ready for the exhale

I realized I never found it’s true
Everything is about you and
You’ll never know

Maybe I’m just waiting for my turn to come around
I love it when you call me out
For staring at my feet in a crowd

I realized everything is about you
Track Name: Running in Circles
I'm going at this alone
With the curtains drawn and my confidence thrown
I'll never say I'll be there when you're missing me
All I got are twenty candles, sitting in your room
Not a soul beside me, burning holes in my shoes

You find out I'm not angry
Maybe it's these nerves that are getting to me
You find out, I'm just anxious
All this time alone isn't doing a thing

You wanted more than this empty street
With nothing but pickets and chain link
I'm there on the inside, running in circles
Staring out of broken windows
If you ever wanted to come home
Now you know

Just hold me till I feel well
All the words I say will soon tell
I'm not quite past moving on
But I'm still trying to figure that one
Track Name: Keep You in Mind
When I think about it
She's nearly insane
Or maybe it's me I lost my brain
Well I cannot go
Really I tried
You're sick of myself
But baby I'm not surprised

I left in the summer
You still have my sweater
Don't worry about it

She can't live without him
Feels nothing the same
Or maybe it's me I lost my brain
Pardon my tongue
But you look like shit
Maybe it's just me
But I'm afraid you're losing it

So I'll go, get along too
I really doubt that I'll pull through
Where I wanna be seems a little far
And I'll admit, half of what you said was true
Skip in line just to find you're too late
Try again another time
I'll keep you in mind

It's not what I said or where I was
Ask me why and I'll tell you it's just because
I couldn't bring myself to open the door
Most of the time was spent waiting for
The right time to leave the scene without a sound
Before the background dies and I'm left
Picking myself back up so you can tear me down
Just tear me down
Track Name: Bronze
Taking turns writing punch lines and waving
At the neighbours when we passed through their yard
You told me lies bout your family you swore
When you leave there's no place that's too far

Twice a week I'll come by
Your hair is looking just fine
Wait with me and we'll stay
Polished in bronze

Choking up and your walk is uneasy
Should I go and just get out of the way
Maybe I should've said I was sorry
I guess I'm out of time for today

Twice a week I'll come by
You say you're leaving this time
Wait for me and we'll stay
Polished in bronze

It's been three years
Since I last saw your family
And the punch lines don't
Share the same sting
The air is cold and the ground is freezing
Wish you made it back in time for the spring

Twice a week I'll come by
And all your flowers have died
Wait for me and we'll stay polished
Twice a week I'll come by
Maybe for the last time
Wait for me
We'll stay polished in bronze